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Saikyo Limousine Co., Ltd., under the president's commitment that "Safety gives priority to all operations."Safety education and awareness reform for employees, investment in safety, compliance and compliance, eco-drive considering the global environment In order to ensure transportation safety, all employees work together to address the following matters.

◇Enlightenment that transportation safety is the most important, plan / perform education / training ◇Corporate efforts to actively make capital investments for transportation safety ◇Compliance with the matters specified in relevant laws and regulations and safety management regulations

Company Profile

Company name (trade name) Saikyo Limousine
Founded on February 22, 2010
Head office location 2375-2 Mimuro, Midori-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama Pref. 330-0804

Saitama Sales Office/Garage 2-528-1 Horinouchi-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-city,
Saitama Pref. 231-0006
Phone : 048-792-0288 Fax : 048-792-0287
Tokyo Head Office Sales Office
3-17-13 Funado, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo. 174-0041
Phone : 03-6915-6308 Fax : 03-6915-6309
Saitama Sales Office/Garage 1-994-1 Kitakasai, Edogawa-ku, Tpkyo. 134-0081

Capital JPY 8.88 million
Executives Representative Director Horoyuki Yamashita
Major business area General Reserved Passenger Car Carrier
Major banks Musashino Bank
Kawagauchi Shinkin Bank
Licenses and Permits General reserved passenger car transportation business
No. 679,

Sales area Higher business : Tokyo 23 wards / Busan district
Bus business : Tokyo / Saitama / Chiba(Ichikawa,Urayasu-city)

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